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The purpose of this site is to give a review of many of the strip clubs that we have across the nation. Much like a movie or food critic will, these places are visited and then reviewed based on a series of criteria. Remember that these are all opinions based on years of frequenting such establishments, and your personal experience may differ from mine.


I feel that it is important to note for those who may be new to the strip club scene, that you need to keep in mind that these women are ACTRESSES!!! Their whole job is centered around creating a fantasy for you. They are not (necessarily) in love with you, nor do they want to take you home in most cases. They are there to create a fantasy where attractive women are giving you attention, but always keep in the back of your head that it is their job to do that! These girls are NOT all whores, sluts or prostitutes, they are just trying to make a living while at the same time creating that fantasy for you.



It is generally considered rude to just sit and watch without tipping. You are not required to tip, but the girls will be less interested in you if you do not. Do yourself a favor and don't get the rap of being the "cheapscate" at the club. A rule of thumb is that you tip a dollar a song for the dances you like. If you do not like the dancer, you are not obligated to tip, but if you see one that you like please feel free to tip them.

There is almost always a set of seats next to the stage that they dance on. If you choose to sit here, you need to tip or you will be asked to leave in most cases. This row is reserved for those who really enjoy the show and are willing to demonstrate their enjoyment in the form of dollar bills. Remember that these girls are relying on your generosity so feel free to demonstrate that generosity to its fullest!

Not all clubs have lap dances, but most do (I will list whether they do lap dances or not). If you get a lap dance, be sure to ask the girl what the rules are for touching. ALL touching is within reason, never forget that! The club and state will have rules that they have to abide by, but on occasion the girls have personal rules as well. RESPECT THE RULES THAT THEY OUTLINE!!! Not only can you be charged criminally in some cases, but you will get a bad reputation and will be excluded from enjoying what the club has to offer. Here is another place you can tip too!

It is important to note that the girls are essentially sub-contractors and have to give a portion of the dance price to the club. Your tips offset that cost, and are almost always completely theirs. Tip what you think it is worth, good or bad. No tip means that you did not enjoy it at all, a standard 10%-15% for when it was adequate and above that shows you really enjoyed it.


I wanted to take just a moment to thank those of you who have sent me suggestions of clubs to check out. Specifically I want to thank Lucinda for suggesting Sensations Bar and Grill in Littlestown PA. There was also a suggestion for Badda Bing's in Las Vegas but the blogger didn't leave a name. Additionally Jerry recommended Divas Gentlemen’s Club in Kearneysville, West Virginia. You guys ROCK! Keep them coming!!!!


If you have a club you want me to check out and write a review for, please email me HERE. I travel a lot, so it is likely that I will be in that state and can check out the club.